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Gone Rogue?

What happens in the human psyche when a part of it splits off from the whole being and starts to follow its own agenda?  Rogue parts appear in dreams as powerful and frightening figures that are capable of causing great harm to the dream ego.  Typically the power balance in the dream is such that the dream ego does not even think of trying to confront or fight back. In this workshop we will explore the psychodynamics of the rogue, show how it appears in the dream life, and discuss therapeutic strategies for healing.

CHRISTOPHER SOWTON is a Naturopathic Doctor and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy with a private practice in Toronto, Canada.  His practice is a blend of psychotherapy, active imagination and depth psychology with an emphasis on homeopathy and dreamwork.  He has been a faculty member of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine since 1990, teaching the homeopathy program.  Dr. Sowton’s research over the last 10 years has culminated into The Dreamreading Method and The Dreamreading Manual.  He facilitates regular dream workshops & lectures in Canada and the United States.  For further information see

Sunday, September 25, 2011
10am - 5:00pm (1/2 hour lunch)
The York School 1320 Yonge Street Toronto, ON S/W Corner of Yonge & Farnham…North of St. Clair
$75 + HST (PayPal Accepted to

EARLY BIRD $65 + HST for registrations received by September 16, 2011
To register please contact: Mara Zadnoff 416-855-2073 /

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